Government Shows Desperation with Latest Propaganda on Fines Legislation


Adrienne Wallace is our People Before Profit candidate in the Carlow/Kilkenny By Election on the 20th May . The bye election was caused by the departure of Phil Hogan to a plum job in the EU Commission.

Adrienne Wallace a recent graduate from St. Patrick's College in Carlow. She became active in politics after witnessing the affects austerity has had on her community. She is active with the Carlow Right to Water group and with Carlow's Palestine Solidarity Group.

‘I am urging people to vote for a candidate who is totally opposed to the water charges. We should make this bye election a referendum of these charges and help to bury them’ said Adrienne Wallace.

Debt collection legislation related to fines and recommendations from Law Reform Commission 2010
No fines or attachment orders until after 15 months and non-payment will end Irish Water
Landlords are completely opposed to becoming debt collectors for Irish Water


Adrienne Wallace, People Before Profit by-election candidate has responded to media reports about new legislation in relation to debt collection in a statement she said,

“There is nothing new in the reports that are coming out, the proposed legislation has to do with fines and has been recommended since 2010 by the Law Reform Commission. It makes little difference to us not paying because we are not paying on principle against the corruption, waste, and the Troika memorandum which has brought mass debt to our shores and many would be prepared to go to jail. But the fact that small fines will not lead to people being sent to prison, in most cases to be processed and released, is to be welcomed.

“The issue at hand remains the same, no penalties and no fines are applied until after the 4th bill in 2016. By this stage a general election will have taken place and people power and the boycott will continue to grow and make any government quiver at the thought of pursuing these nonsensical measures.

“Revenue are not involved, this is not the property tax, we stick together and we win – non-payment will end the inflated quango of Irish Water and we can then have a sensible approach to water provision through progressive general taxation. We’ve always paid and nobody is asking for ‘free water’.

“This charge is a utility charge like any other and any bill is between Irish Water and tenant, nobody wants Irish Water as we already pay for our water, landlords are not going to be caught for this either and have made it clear they will not be debt collectors for Irish Water. Many County Councils have also made it clear, Carlow included, that they will not act as debt collectors on behalf of Irish Water. It’s time for sense to prevail and this quango to end – the game is up! We’re not paying!”

“It was also decided last night in Carlow that we will be holding a mass burning of Irish Water bills on Wednesday the 20th of May at the Liberty Tree in Carlow Town. People will also be burning election literature belonging to the Troika/Water Charge parties of Fianna Fail, The Green Party, Labour, Fine Gael and Renua. It’s time to put an end to all of the golden handshakes and back-room politics in this country and for the country to be run in the public interest rather than for the interests of a few. We’ve simply had enough!”

Are you available to help Adrienne and her team this week to get the message  about People Before Profit Alliance out there in Carlow and Kilkenny ?  If you can spare some time please contact

Keith Gilligan,     0857170801,