Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment

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Following the weekend's historic victory for equality let's move now to repeal the eighth amendment.

26 May 2015


The Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment welcomes the weekend’s historic victory for marriage equality and calls on the government to build on the widespread support for greater equality in Ireland by calling an autumn referendum to repeal the eighth amendment

Commenting the Coalition’s convenor Ailbhe Smyth said:

The landslide victory for marriage equality was a historic and thrilling victory and clears the way for so much unfinished business. We need to build on the huge support for equality shown in the last months and weeks by people of all ages, up and down the country and work to repeal the eighth amendment.

The presence of the eighth amendment in the Irish constitution is a source of discrimination against all women living in Ireland. It particularly affects marginalised women who have suffered disproportionately for decades; migrant women, women with low or no income, women who are unable to travel for whatever reason, women facing a crisis pregnancy and women who need an abortion for medical reasons.

We welcome the comments made by ministers from both government parties about the need to continue the momentum for social change in Ireland by repealing the eight amendment. We are particularly encouraged by the Tánaiste Joan Burton’s pledge of support for a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment. However, we would urge her to commit to holding the referendum in the lifetime of the government.

Women in Ireland cannot afford to wait any longer. Every day 12 women are forced into exile and made to travel abroad to access abortion. Opinion poll after opinion poll indicates that an enormous shift in support for abortion reform and the electorate is overwhelmingly in support of repeal of the eighth amendment. Therefore we call on the government to build on this wonderful momentum for change, and give women living in Ireland full control over their reproductive choices.”


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