The government is trying to spin a story that they are making a generous offer to public sector workers – because they are preparing for a general election. In reality, it is a scam.

The Lansdowne Road agreement extends the sell-out of workers conditions contained in the Haddington Road for an extra two years.

In return, a tiny pay restoration is being granted. But this does come near to compensating workers for the huge pay cuts they endured.

Successive governments took €3.5 billion off public sector workers after the Celtic Tiger crash. But even though they claim there is an economic recovery, workers will only get €300 million back.

This will not even pay for the various taxes workers have been forced on workers in last few years.

But the biggest scam is that the deal will copper fasten the so-called emergency measures imposed on workers to pay for the economic crisis. The changes will become permanent because this deal is an extension of the Haddington Road agreement until September 2018.

Disgracefully, the ICTU leaders made no attempt to restore conditions. They only want to get a headline figure for use in elections.

But the reality is that if deal is accepted, public sector workers will never get back the conditions that they lost. Instead they will be stuck with the ‘emergency’ changes.

These include:

  • Longer hours: Many workers had to do an extra two hours unpaid work a week. Groups like nurses lost their 37.5 hour week and were forced to work 39 hours. This was a way of making them cover for the 5,000 nurses who were lost. Other groups faced a similar increase in hours

  • Age discriminated pay: Forget about equal pay for equal work. Workers who were recruited after 2011 received less for doing the exact same work.

  • Re-deployment; Workers can be transferred to different workplaces that are up to 27 kilometres away from previous jobs.

  • Sick pay: Full certified sick leave has been cut to three months on a rolling basis over four years. Uncertified sick leave was reduced to seven days on a rolling 12 month period.

  • Reduced of rates of overtime payments and allowances.

  • Cuts in annual leave.

The Lansdowne Road proposals are just a few carrots to get workers to accept these permanent changes to their conditions.

We need to end the Labour Party control of our unions and get back to fighting unions that stand up for the members.

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June 6th 2015

Decency for Dunne's Workers

1pm Merrion Square

Will you stand with the Dunnes Stores workers on Saturday, June 6th and support their demands for fairness and decency at work? We need to send a strong message to Dunnes Stores that this type of behaviour is unacceptable.

June 7th 2015

National Forum – Build the Boycott to sink the Water Charges

Red Cow, Morans Hotel 12pm to 4pm