21/01/13 8PM Bray PBP Public Meeting: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - TIME TO FIGHT FOR AN ALTERNATIVE with Richard Boyd Barret, Ardmore Bar

Start Date: 
Monday, 21 January, 2013 - 20:00

The end of 2012 saw Irish people finally taking to the streets. The vicious healthcare cuts brought 20,000 on to the streets of Waterford, 8000 in Navan. The hated property tax brought thousands on to the streets on Cork. 20,000 marched thru the streets of Dublin against austerity. Budget 2013 saw the harshest budget for low and middle income earners in the history of the state. The full impact of these cuts are yet to be truly felt in our communities. We urgently need an alternative that will fight for the interests of ordinary people that will not sell out our interests to cushion and support the bankers coporation s and super wealthy on our society. People Before Profit is that alternative. We have been working with the Campaign Against Household and Water Tax's, Home Care Action Group, Health Service Campaigners, Anti Privatization groups and Environmental campaigners to build strong united opposition the this governments austerity agenda.