24/01/13 8pm PBP Belfast: Discussion - Can Unionism Deliver for the Protestant Working Class? Premier Inn Waring Street, Belfast

Start Date: 
Thursday, 24 January, 2013 - 20:00

Speakers; Peter Shirlow -Author of 'The End of Ulster Loyalism' Brian Kelly-'Author of Neoliberal Belfast' Joe Law-Trade Unionist & Co Founder Trademark NI Plus More Much of Belfast has come to a standstill over the past two months at the hands off Loyalists protesting at the reduction of days the Union Jack flies over Belfast City hall. The debate in the media has focused on the protests stopping the flow of events in the city with the odd mention that those taking part may well indeed have been 'left behind'. What are these protests about? Are they sectarian ?Is it just a disillusioned section of society expressing their anger? At the heart of the whole discussion is the notion that working class Protestants are getting nothing from the current set up. Its often said that politicians don’t care and are only interested in themselves. Does the political project of Unionism-be it the DUP,UUP or other shades offer anything to working class Protestants? We will be discussing the reasons behind the flag protests at this meeting but, crucially asking whether working class people can gain an improvement in their living conditions, better accommodation, defend their jobs or any other benefits by getting behind the Unionist project.