Jobs Not Cuts: protest at Richard Bruton's visit Mon 8 July at 4pm at Tower Hotel, Waterford

Start Date: 
Monday, 8 July, 2013 - 16:00

As decided at our last activist meeting of the CAHWT that we would protest at the visit of any minister from the government who visits Waterford over the comming weeks i am sending, below details of Richard Bruton's visit please pass on via email facebook word of mouth etc and hope to see youall there. Mr Richard Bruton, T.D, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation is visiting Waterford this Monday, July 8th, Tower Hotel, The Mall, Waterford City at 5pm to meet business people re. Regional Jobs Consultation. The policy of austerity being implemented by this government is the major cause of unemployment and emigration. Across the world even right wing politicians are saying austerity is not working. As Leo Varadkar admitted the Property Tax has contributed to Ireland’s return to recession. Those who continue to implement such hardship on working people must be held accountable and challenged everywhere they appear in public. Waterford Campaign Against the Home and Water Tax is calling a protest at 4pm on the day to call for Cancellation of the debt to the banks which has forced our national debt from 25 billion to 197 billion euro by the end of 2013. We call for strategic investment in a public works programme to create jobs and growth financed out of taxes on the wealthy. Regards Joan Quirke Secretary on Behalf of CAHWT