Protest at opening of the Dail

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 17 September, 2013 - 13:00

Anti-Austerity groups will converge on the Dail to protest against more cuts and demand the rich are made to pay in the coming budget. Corrupt bankers, broken political promises, endless austerity… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! DEMAND JOBS, FAIRNESS & REAL DEMOCRACY A PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY DAIL EIREANN, SEPT 17TH Five years after the onset of economic crisis, the policy of bank bail-outs and austerity is a disastrous failure. The recent “Anglo tapes” show the contempt the bankers and elites who caused the current crisis have for the victims of their economic crimes. Yet still, our politicians protect the banks and the super-wealthy, and force our society to pay the price. Unemployment remains at crisis levels and tens of thousands of educated young people leave the country every year. Over 180,000 people are unable to pay their mortgages, poverty and homelessness are on the rise and workers’ pay, conditions and rights are under serious attack as companies go bust or scramble to stay afloat. Vulnerable groups such as those with disability, special needs or lone parents are repeatedly attacked. Our health, education and public services are being cut to ribbons. The government and EU-IMF Troika answer is to continue with further austerity, the privatisation of services, state assets and natural resources; giving them away to multi-nationals. They are planning billions in further cuts and austerity taxes in the forthcoming budget. We urgently need: * A united movement of resistance to austerity and to demand an alternative that puts jobs, services, the protection of the vulnerable and our environment, first. *A people’s coalition that brings together workers, the unemployed, young people, pensioners, the disabled, struggling mortgage holders and embattled communities. If we fail to build such a movement, our rulers and the wealthy elites will pick us off one by one and set us against each other. On the day the Dail resumes after the summer break, a mass ‘People’s Assembly’ will take place outside the gates of the Dail. We urge all those have had enough of cuts, austerity, unfairness and broken political promises to come out on the streets on Tuesday Sept 17th. This won’t be a once off demonstration. It will be the beginning of building a new people’s movement for change. Don’t get angry and do nothing – be there!