BUDGET 2014 PROTEST Daunt's Square Cork

Start Date: 
Saturday, 19 October, 2013 - 15:00

PEOPLE'S ASSEMBLY BUDGET 2014 PROTEST Daunt's Square Cork Saturday October 19th 3pm The budget for 2014 will take yet another €2.5 billion out of the economy, at a rate of two to one in favour of cuts over taxation. This will affect health, education, social protection and community services. It will not create one new job. Alternative sources of revenue exist: Remove the tax loopholes and ensure the multinationals pay corporation tax in full Impose a special tax rate on salaries over €100,000. Identify and tax all offshore accounts. Use the financial relief of the promissory note deal. The government have promised large scale job creation schemes but little has been done. Thousands are burdened with insurmountable debts on their homes and the threat of eviction hovers over many. There is no doubt that the measures used in the imposition of austerity measures on the most vulnerable in this country will not be scaled back in the upcoming budget. The fact is that the difference between the 2.5billion and the 3.1 billion in austerity means very little to ordinary people. Also a fact is that we are still the ones bearing the brunt of the government's decision to continue the assault while the rich and powerful continue to get away scot-free. The rich and privileged along with their cronies in the political elite will still go about their business as usual virtually unaffected by the economic collapse. Meanwhile some of the authors of the collapse now make even more money than before by administrating the machinery of austerity. The big bankers and the multinational players continue to earn exorbitant sums at the expense of the poor with the blessing of this government. We need to continue the fight against the unfairness of the budgetary provisions. We need to send a very strong message that we will continue to resist these attacks for as long as it takes until the rich and privileged shoulder their fair share of the burden and the architects of our economic crash are made to pay for their behaviour. Their are plenty of people out there who agree that austerity isn't working. Most of those same people work diligently and passionately in different ways to fight and resist the imposition of this austerity. We need to link up and show solidarity against those who impose this austerity on us. Together we can win. We are calling on all interested groups parties and individuals to join us in a show of defiance. We urge all trade union bodies and campaigning organisations to attend with their banners and to inform and mobilise their members to take part in this event. Come out and have your say at the Budget 2014 protest demonstration. Saturday 19th October at 3pm Daunt's Square. Cork.