Crumlin Public Meeting with Cllr. Brid Smith and Tina MacVeigh

Start Date: 
Thursday, 30 January, 2014 - 20:00

Public Meeting with Cllr. Brid Smith and Tina MacVeigh THURSDAY 30th January @ 8pm Iveagh Grounds, Crumlin Road, Dublin 12 The scandal at ‘Irish Water’ shows the face of the privatisation to come. For all the talk of efficiency and value for money, water charges will mean profiteers looking to suck as much money as possible from the water service. Instead of fixing the pipes and upgrading the system the government will hand over billions in assets and allow water bills to mount up and up. Bills are expected to be around €300 to start, but will quickly increase. First we are told this is about water conservation – then we are told if we do not use enough water, charges will go up to encourage consumption! Public money and assets are being used to create a new company to do a job that is already done by councils. The aim is not to provide a water service, but to increase the wealth making opportunities for the banking, business and political elite. Water taxes have been stopped twice before! People power and a strong campaign of resistance can stop it again - just like thousands of pensioners on the streets stopped government plans to cut the medical card for the over 70s!