Candle Lit Vigil to shine a light on homelessness and the housing crisis.

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 2 December, 2014 - 17:30

This government has to act and it has to act now!!!

A tragic passing took place last night just meters from the gates of Leinster House - this could have been avoided if they only listened and acted.. The winter is only just beginning, how many more lives will be taken before they act if we don't put serious pressure on..
This man was homeless and sought shelter in a doorway from the cold.. Regular counts have taken place and there are on average 150 people sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin alone each night..

Richard Boyd Barrett TD is calling for emergency debate in Dail on the housing and homeless crisis following tragic discovery of homeless man opposite Dail - he will also be in attendance at the vigil tomorrow.

The housing crisis is spiralling out of control in Ireland and it has been for a long time now - they have been warned over and over again - but as usual, they do not listen!! We need to put pressure on them so that they take immediate steps to rectify this situation.

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