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Commercial Free Education

The Campaign for Commercial-Free Education (Ireland) was established in 2005 to address the increasing advertising and sale of commercial products in Irish schools. It is a grassroots body of teachers, parents and concerned individuals who believe that students should not be subject to commercial marketing during school time.

The Campaign for Commercial-Free Education will promote student-centred education, media awareness and the democratic mission of schools where students are considered citizens and not consumers.

The Campaign will seek to raise awareness of commercial presence in schools through the media, at local level meetings and through representative organisations. It will support and publicise those schools who refuse to allow commercial access to students in their care.


INTO Calls for an End to Commercial Exploitation of School Children

50 Primary Principals speak out against Independent Newspapers’ “Building for the Future” promotion

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People Before Profit Alliance in Election 2011 is part of the United Left Alliance

Irish Anti War Movement

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The Irish Anti-War Movement wants to mobilise maximum pressure on the government and all opposition parties to end the use of Shannon airport by the US military and CIA torture planes.

No to Service Charges

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*Bin taxes are a double tax on ordinary workers and their families who already pay a high proportion of their income in income tax and other indirect taxes to pay for essential services.

*Bin taxes are a regressive tax that hurt the poor and less well off. €300-€400 euro per year is nothing for a very high earner but it is a weeks wages for people on the minimum wage.

*Big business not householders are the real polluters. Industry and Agriculture produce over 90 per cent all waste in this country, while the householders produce less than five per cent. Yet big business, pay only 12.5 % tax on their profits, while workers pay 20 or 40 per cent on income. Industry is also responsible for producing huge quantities of unnecessary and often un-recyclable packaging.

*Bin taxes damage the environment. A recently released EPA report shows that a quarter of all household waste is now unaccounted for. In other words, many people are now burning and illegally dumping waste because they cant afford bin taxes.

*Charges increased twice in 2006 alone. Private operators do not operate waiver schemes for the poor and less well off.

*If bin charges are fully established, water will also be taxed and privatised. Essential services such as waste collection, water and sewage should be available to all not just those that can afford to pay.

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Dun Laoghaire

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Dublin South-West Inner City

Contact: Tina McVeigh

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